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If you do not see a visible improvement in your animals condition within 1 month, on your current supplement, change to one you can!

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Manufactured under ISO 2000 conditions

SA Vet reg, USA – FDA reg, Manufactured to ISO 2000, GMP stamped (Intl quality control).

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Joint Q brimming with Green Lipped mussel

A genuine fix with Itch EaseCoat Enhancer’

EM probiotic with 16 live natural cultures

Pet Multi Vitamin, Mineral & Amino’s that visibly work.

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Who and What are Promix Animal Supplements?

PROMIX is complete animal supplementation NATURALLY!

I am lucky enough to have shared the lives of many animals, from horses, dogs, cats and even down to chickens, all of which I value and care for, to the extreme. I have come to learn that animals, as humans, are very much individuals. They all have different health issues and needs.

As much as I respect a Vets long and tedious studies, and continue to consult them, when the need calls for it, I have realised that they base most treatments on past case studies, with drugs and chemicals being the answer to most ills.

The one constant that I could rely on without doubt is that correct nutrition from birth is vital for premium heath. The second imperative issue is to afford all my animals when possible with nutrition from natural resources.

We are all well aware, that the modern world no longer has natural, pure resources contained in the soil to maintain animals to the best of their ability. We also know that manufactured animal food is far from desirable at best, with most of them containing only the minimum levels required by law, of certain vital animal supplements. I was further shocked at the ever increasing prices of supplements, the huge profit margins made and often wondered if all that was claimed by the suppliers to be in a product, was in fact so.

Hence a quest to offer quality, complete animal supplements, gained from natural resources, with best of intent of being of optimum health benefit to the animals, at an affordable price.

Promix is just that, with constant striving to further improve current products, whilst researching new innovative, raw materials, to produce natural new products, to make your life simpler and to improve the quality of your animals life.

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